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Our main office is based in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (UTC+2)


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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 Where does Bees for Development Ethiopia work?

Our offices are based in Bahir Dar in Amhara and most of our work is sited within half a day’s drive of Bahir Dar or less. However, we have an ambition to reach communities throughout Ethiopia – we want to help people everywhere benefit from beekeeping and protect bees and their habitat.

FAQ 2 Which is the best hive type for Ethiopia?

Honey bees don’t mind where they live or in what kind of hive, provided it is defendable, sheltered and the right size. Beekeepers need hives which are practical, affordable and allow easy management and honey harvest. We promote top-bar hives and Ethiopian woven hives because they meet the needs of the majority of rural farmers in Ethiopia and are comfortable for bees.

FAQ 3 Does BfDE only work on beekeeping?

Beekeeping present so many real opportunities for so many people in Ethiopia and is a wholly sustainanble activity which supports nature and the environment. Beekeeping is our main, but not only, area of work. Bees and beekeepers cannot thrive without healthy, flower-filled habitat which is why we also work on natural resource management projects and we work with farmers to help them reduce their use of pesticies – which negatively impact on bees, and pose many other environmental hazards also.

FAQ 4 Is beekeeping a good business in Ethiopia?

Yes it is. Provided the environmental is healthy, free from pollution and there are lots of flowers – then you can earn a lot from beekeeping in Ethiopia. Most small-holder farmers do not have a lot of capital to get started and really struggle to get enough cash for their daily needs. We therefore advocate beekeeping systems which are not input and capital intensive. For most beekeepers the key criteria for success is ‘put in little and get out a lot’.

FAQ 4 Can we partner with BfDE?

We are always interested to work with like-minded organisations who share our aims and values. We know that we can achieve more when we work in collaboration with others. The key to successful partnerships is complementary skills and capacity. Please do get in touch to discuss your ideas.