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Meet the Bees for Development Ethiopia team.
Bees for Development Ethiopia is dedicated to serving their local community and developing beekeeping in Ethiopia – to generate employment and to provide pollination services for crops and natural environments.

Tilahun Gebey


Tilahun is the Director and Founder of Bees for Development Ethiopia, a professional development worker and experienced beekeeper. Tilahun takes the lead on BfDE’s strategic direction and provides beekeeping training to farmers, Development Agents and other stakeholders.  



Habtam is a careful and meticulous member of the team – helping to keep track of payments and handling cash. She is hardworking and reliable and has been a stalwart employee since BfDE was established.


Programme Manager

Getu is an experienced manager and resource mobiliser and supports the organisation with planning, writing funding proposals and preparing progress reports. Getu joined BfDE in 2021 and is motivated by work which delivers benefits for people and for the environment at the same time.

Getsh Kassa

Project Coordinator

BfDE’s work is driven by the needs of the local community. Understanding their problems and their interests is key to designing effective and appropriate projects. Getsh is instrumental in designing projects from community assessment onwards and plays a leading role in monitoring and evaluation.  

Efrem Derebie

Beekeeper Trainer

An invaluable member of the team, Efrem provides all aspects of beekeeping training and facilitates treeplanting and land restoration activities. Efrem is widely respected by project beneficiaries and, for many farmers, is known as the face of Bees for Development Ethiopia.