About us


Bringing the benefits of beekeeping to all the people and landscapes which need support is beyond the capacity of one organisation, which is why we work in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders. We are excited to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with national and international organisations who share our aims and values, with government partners and with the communities we serve.

Who we work with

Bees for Development

We work very closely with Bees for Development UK. Together we share the aim of leveraging the benefits of beekeeping towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Bees for Development UK played a role in supporting the establishment of Bees for Development Ethiopia in 2012 and remains a steadfast partner – building our capacity, expanding our ambition and empowering our team.

Who we work with

Livestock Agency

Working with the Livestock Agency, at all levels – from kebele to regional level – is absolutely key to us being able to identify and reach the most vulnerable and marginalised people who have the most to gain from our support. Our partnership with government departments and staff ensures that our work fits with national development plans and complements local initiatives.

Who we work with

Pesticide Action Nexus Ethiopia

Honey bees need a good healthy environment, full of flowers, to thrive and produce plentiful harvests of honey. Farming systems which use frequenct applications of pesticides are toxic to bees. We are working with PAN-Ethiopia to promote changes to crop protection practices near Lake Tana, to allow farmers to reduce their reliance on harmful pesticides, drawing on their expertise and experience in Integrated Pest Management.